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KGH Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Program
Kingston General Hospital’s SA/DV Program provides around the clock response for adults (16 years of age and older) who have experienced a sexual assault or domestic violence within the past 72 hours.
For Service go to the nearest hospital emergency department and ask for the “SA/DV Nurse on call.”

Men & Healing
Resource for men and therapy in Ottawa and the rest of Canada! Comprised of the former clinical staff and services of the Men’s Project our services are specifically designed for men and are professionally facilitated by accredited psychotherapists. We tailor our individual programs to specifically meet men’s needs in a way that speaks to men.
If you are a man who was sexually or physically abused or assaulted, you are not alone, you are not to blame and the feelings and thoughts you are having are normal. Healing is possible. Join us in our individual or group therapy services.
If you are a man with issues around anger, rage or violence, you are welcome to join us in a program specifically designed to meet your needs. Goals such as living a life of integrity, calmness, connectedness, and personal honour. Change is closer than you think.
Phone: 1-613-482-9363 (Ottawa)

Resolve Counselling Partner Assault Response Program
The primary focus of the PAR program is to enhance the safety of victims of domestic violence.  This is achieved by providing information and support to victims, and educating and offering counselling to individuals found guilty of or pleading guilty to a charge of partner assault.
Phone: 613-549-7850
E-mail     Partner Assault Response Program Website      Survivor Group Website

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