Don’t Be That Guy

The Greater Kingston and Area Safe & Sober Alliance is officially launching the Don’t Be That Guy Campaign in Kingston on September 1st with the generous support of Kingston Frontenac Anti-Violence Coordinating Committee.  I have attached the posters for the campaign along with the media release and FAQ.  The fourth poster (all in black) is intended for the men’s washrooms.  The campaign will feature a billboard, bus shelter ads, interior bus ads as well as an advertisement placed in the popular Welcome Back Magazine.  Please feel free to print and use the posters where you see fit.  If you would like printed copies mailed to you or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

The Greater Kingston and Area Safe & Sober Alliance is made up of the following

KFL&A Public Health, KGH Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Unit, Royal Military College Health Promotions Program, St Lawrence College, Queen’s University, Sexual Assault Centre Kingston, KAIROS, Kingston Police, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, Kingston Fire & Rescue

The “Don’t be that Guy” campaign warns you that extremely drunk or unconscious women cannot consent to sex.

The idea/graphics originate from the Edmonton Police Force and attempts to direct prevention strategies where the real problem is – the perpetrators.

Most sexual assault campaigns focus on providing prevention tips for women – but they reinforce the myth that women are somehow responsible for anticipating and preventing sexual violence.

Don’t Be That Guy FAQ

Don’t Be That Guy Kingston Media Release

SAVE poster 1–doesn’t mean she’s saying yes

SAVE poster 2–you get to helpf yourself

SAVE poster 3–Just because she’s drunk

Edmonton Sun Article on Don’t Be That Guy Campaign from November 19, 2010

Edmonton Police 2010 Q4 Report Mentioning Don’t Be That Guy





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