Help urged for dads in cases of domestic violence


Society needs to do more to help men accused of domestic violence, a coroner’s inquest heard Wednesday.

“Right now, there is a gap in services,” Katreena Scott said. “We need to do a better job of supporting fathers.”

Many dads become isolated after being charged and that often leads to greater risk of women and children being hurt, she added.

An expert in domestic violence, Scott was testifying at an inquest into the deaths of eight-year-old Jared Osidacz and his father, Andrew. Jared was stabbed to death March 18, 2006, by his father at the Courtland Drive townhouse of Osidacz’s girlfriend, Paula Ferrell. Osidacz was shot and killed by police that same evening as he tried to kill Julie Craven, his former spouse, at her home on Cecil Avenue.

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