Kingston Whig-Standard

MAY 12, 2009

A group of talented, young filmmakers were recently honoured by the non-profit Kingston Frontenac Anti-Violence Coordinating Committee for its efforts to encourage discussion among young people about healthy relationships.

The committee held a video contest entitled “Direct This!” for local secondary students and received a number of excellent videos. The finalists and winners were honoured at a special awards ceremony hosted by K-Rock’s morning crew — Sarah Crosbie and Darryl Kornicky. They were:

* Judge’s Honourable Mentions: “Boys will be Boys,” by Adair Sugrue, Mic Baudand Reid Cunninghamof Loyalist Collegiate; “White & Black,” by GrahamandAndrew Slaughter, Eric HurtandSam Humeof Holy Cross Secondary School; “Talk to Someone,” byJesse GravelineandKatie Scottof Sydenham High School; “Young Men,” bySage Irwin, Sierra Chaykowski, Kat Rush, Carrie Sequin, Tai JacobandGabe Newmahtganof Loyalist.

* 30 Second PSA winners were: “Burnout,” byBen Brayof Regiopolis- Notre Dame; “The Reality: Abuse,” byBrittany Houston, Alex PearceandCallie Warren,also of Regi; “Parents Fighting,” byTaylor Marshal, Rene Hart, Kristing Buchan – ana, Maggie O’ConnorandKate Bowleyof Loyalist.

* 3 Minute Maximum: “Stand Up,” byShealaineandNicole Richardsonof Ernestown Secondary School; “Racism Ruins Lives,” byKeiran Way Brackenbury of Loyalist Collegiate; “Peer Pressure,” byElwin van Alstof Sydenham.

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