No One Asks For It Poster – 8.5 X 11

Dear Friends,

On Friday, May 2nd, 2014, join the thousands of people and organizations across Canada wearing purple in in support of survivors of sexual violence; in its fourth year, the campaign is called No One Asks For It!

In many provinces in our nation, May is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Sexual assault is far more common than most people think. According to a 2006 Statistics Canada report, one in three women will experience some form of sexual assault in their lifetime. In 2008, Statistics Canada also reported that over half of police reported sexual assault victims were under the age of 18.

One of the biggest hurdles people face after a sexual assault is the notion that somehow they “asked for it” by what they were wearing, where they were, what they were doing or drinking. This is victim-blaming. On May 2nd, let’s make an impact across Canada; wear purple to show your support of survivors.

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Check out our new look! We’ve created a “No One Asks For It” toolkit including posters, postcards, social media banners, etc. Join the movement!

Sara Casselman

Sara Casselman
Public Relations & Operations Manager
Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region
201-151 Frederick St. Kitchener ON N2H 2M2
office: (519) 571-0121 x23
fax: (519) 571-0522
crisis line: (519) 741-8633

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