November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month

Since 1986, Ontario has recognized November as Woman Abuse Prevention Month in an effort to shed light on domestic and sexual violence against women happening in our own communities. Sadly, the need for such initiatives remains high, as the crisis persists even 24 years later. Incidents of sexual assault, partner abuse, stalking, harassment and other gender-based crimes continue to plague Kingston and Frontenac.

There are a number of area programs, agencies, individuals, and other organizations working to end this violence. Kingston Interval House, Sexual Assault Centre Kingston, the KGH Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Program, and others, do a tremendous amount to help victims and survivors. And the Kingston Frontenac Anti-Violence Coordinating Committee (KFACC) comprises over 30 organizations, from various sectors, that collaborate on an ongoing basis to strengthen the network of assistance available.

As a society, however, we are all hurt by woman abuse, and all of us need to be a part of the solution. KFACC encourages everyone to recognize Woman Abuse Prevention Month, and to get involved in the struggle to stop these crimes against our daughters, mothers, wives and sisters.

Financial contributions and other support for your local organizations is always welcome. As well, there are a number of events to attend, and campaigns assist with during November, and throughout the year. These include Picture An End to Violence, the White Ribbon Campaign, Neighbours, Friends and Family, and more. For more information please visit

KFACC looks forward to the day when initiatives such as Woman Abuse Prevention Month are no longer necessary, and every person can live safely, free from domestic and sexual violence. However, this can only happen through recognizing violence against women as a problem belonging to us all, and working together as a community end it.

Kim Allen
Chair, KFACC

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