“Pink it. Pose it. Post it.” A campaign to mark the first ever International Day of the Girl on October 11!

Dear Friends and Community Supporters,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we invite you to join us in celebrating our first annual initiative in support of the newly proclaimed International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, 2012! As you may know in 2011, Canada led the call for an International Day of the Girl at the United Nations to raise awareness about the particular challenges that girls face and to take action. As a result, in December 2011, UN declared that it would annually observe the International Day of the Girl Child, starting from October 11, 2012.

‘Pink it. Pose it. Post it.’ is an open call for conversation around challenges the girls face all over the world including gender violence, early marriage, child labor, and discrimination at work. The term “girl child” is commonly used abroad to distinguish the unique challenges faced by those under age 18 from those faced by women.

The “Girls are awesome’ concept invites you to pick up a pink note or a ‘post-it’ and write in your own words/language why they are awesome (Pink it), take a picture of the note (if you wish, add yourself to the photo) (Pose it) and post the note it in a visible area where others may see it (reception, office door, walls etc) (Post it).

On October 11, join the conversation on Facebook and share your thoughts and images with the world!
Here at IWSO we believe that improving girls’ lives has a ripple effect. What is good for them is good for all of us. Let’s promote equal treatment and opportunities for girls around the world! Let’s talk about why girls are awesome!

Best regards,

Luciana Nechita
Manager | Marketing and Communications

Immigrant Women Services Ottawa
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Ottawa Ontario, K2P 2H4

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