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The National Victims of Crime Awareness week, is April 6-12th, 2014. This year’s theme is “Taking Action”. The Child Abuse Prevention Committee will host a conference coined “TAKING ACTION, AGAINST NON-CONSENSUAL DISTRIBUTION OF INTIMATE IMAGES”.

The Child Abuse Prevention Committee is seeking your assistance in providing our Professional sector some insight, education, and information. We have Holly Jacobs, and Mary Anne Franks, both from the University of Miami attending on April 9th, 2014 to participate and host the conference. Mary Anne Franks is a law professor while Holly Jacobs has many credentials inclusive of a PHD. However, her most impressive credential is her unwavering efforts to educate individuals, organizations, communities, and bring forth legislation. One may ask why. Simply, she was a victim of a horrific array of revenge and this revenge dismantled her life, day after day. She is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of non-consensual distribution of intimate images.

The adverse use of social media, such as sexting, and revenge porn, has surfaced with the distribution of sexually graphic images without consent. Images initially obtained with consent, and with a reasonable expectation of privacy are digitally travelling without censorship to friends, employers, businesses and porn sites. This new phenomena precedes legislation, as there are few or no laws to protect people. Victims sustain a unique type of injury from the dissemination of this material. The absence of privacy creates victims of our youth, our families, our community and the moral fabric of our society. The District of Nipissing has not been exempt or immune to this phenomenon. Sexting by our youth has permeated our community.

We will host these keynote speakers at Nipissing University, April 9th 2014. Video linking will be available. It is hopeful this opportunity will be seized to educate, inform and discuss revenge porn and sexting. The ramifications, the impact, and the domino effect coupled with the lack of censorship on the internet, and the sophistication of web sites is a lifetime sentence once an individual has become a victim.

The Child Abuse Prevention Committee’s dedication and commitment to a healthy community is fostered by your support which remains integral to our success. And we have been quite successful. We thank you in advance for your consideration. We will be available to further discuss the logistics of these presentations. Please contact Wendy Abdallah, wendy.abdallah@ontario.ca or Carole Venne, carole.venne@ontario.ca or alternatively at 705-495-8339.

Warm regards,
Wendy and Carole

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