The Kingston Frontenac Anti-Violence Coordinating Committee (KFACC) is a group working together at the local level to end intimate partner abuse and sexual violence.

We include agencies providing services for victims of partner abuse and/or sexual violence, their children, their family members, and agencies that work with perpetrators. Some of the sectors represented on our committee are law enforcement and justice, shelter and housing, health, and counselling support. See a full list of our members.

We are dedicated volunteers working together to advance our common mandate to end violence. KFACC serves as a collective voice used to address the issues in a clear, focused, effective way.

KFACC strives to work toward the eradication of violence by promoting individual and community awareness of issues relating to domestic and sexual violence. In addition, we have established, implemented and work together to sustain a coordinated community response to domestic and sexual violence.

Our committee and subcommittees problem-solve and develop various projects to help identify gaps in services, create public awareness, offer professional development opportunities for service providers, and create relevant informational and other resources.

Vision statement  

KFACC is dedicated to a vision of communities where all persons live safely, free from domestic and sexual violence.

The eradication of violence is an aspirational, long-term goal, involving many complexities and dimensions. Solutions will require multi-generational approaches, more active preventative initiatives and involvement of many different partners — from counselling agencies to the criminal and family court system, government decision-makers, leaders in housing and health care, anti-poverty advocates and agencies that work with perpetrators.


KFACC provides a strategic network of supporting agencies in a coordinated community response to sexual and domestic violence.

In its two primary roles, KFACC:

  • Supports active collaboration, connection, and training for member agencies involved in providing quality services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence.
  • Promotes community engagement, awareness and understanding of sexual and domestic violence, the impacts on survivors, and navigating the service system.

Of note, KFACC pursues its mandate through protocols and other ways aligned and consistent with individual mandates, policies and procedures of the agencies providing services.

Learn about our principles and beliefs, our roots, what we do and how we do it.