KFACC is made up of members from the law enforcement and justice, shelter and housing, health, mental health and counselling support sectors. Membership is open to organizations working in some capacity with victims and survivors of partner abuse and/or sexual violence and their families, to agencies working with perpetrators and to like minded community members.

The strategy and groundwork laid out during KFACC meetings is often moved forward at the subcommittee level. Currently, we have five standing subcommittees.

The Administrative Group meets regularly to coordinate, monitor and oversee the ongoing implementation of KFACC’s mandate and specific projects. All KFACC expenditures and budgets are managed by the Administrative Group and the Administrative Group develops and submits funding proposals, and provides approval to proposals prepared by other KFACC members, subcommittees or working groups, prior to submission. Further, the Administrative Group oversees the preparation and submission of progress and evaluation reports to funding bodies.

The Protocol Workgroup meets to develop, monitor, evaluate, review and revise our  Partner Abuse Protocol and Sexual Assault Protocol. This committee also organizes Protocol-related training for members and community partners.

The Education, Advocacy and Communication Workgroup meets to collaborate with the Kingston Community Agencies (members of KFACC) to provide education on timely topics as well as to provide advocacy for vulnerable populations. This is accomplished by education meetings and training sessions shared to the community and agencies. They are mandated, on behalf of the KFACC Administrative Group to address the need for a collaborative approach to educating the public on issues pertaining to sexual assault and or domestic violence and advocating for social change.

The Diversity Workgroup meets to serve as an advisory on topics regarding diverse subjects, to the larger membership and to strategize community outreach to ensure diversity and accessibility at KFACC. These diverse subjects include, but not limited to:

  • Youth
  • Newcomers to Kingston, those identified as immigrants or refugees
  • Those living with a DisAbility
  • Those part of the LGBTQ2sIA community
  • Those who identify as part of the BIPOC community
  • Those who identify as Indigenous

The Strategic Plan Hub Workgroup is a new initiative starting as of September 2021 to develop a common consent option for the signatory partners of KFACC to begin the process of developing a “One Stop Shop” hub of services for survivors in KFL&A.

As well, KFACC will establish additional ad hoc subcommittees as needed to complete specific initiatives. These workgroups are generally struck when projects fall outside the mandates of existing committees, or are too time-consuming/complex to be managed by KFACC as a whole.

The Administrative Group oversees all subcommittee work, and all committees, permanent and ad hoc, are accountable to the entire KFACC membership.

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